Week 3 of the build

Work continues all around the building this week. The spider cranes are going up and down at a rate as the painters move across the ceiling of the auditorium. As the first coats of red are going on, seeing the odd spot of old colour makes you appreciate what a radical change this refurbishment is.

Backstage all of the dressing rooms are getting a full on makeover. They are being stripped back, repaired and repainted by our technical team and volunteers from other departments. In the public areas front of house, bars are being cleaned down, painting has commenced and our Restaurant Ovation is having a new look. We will show you some of this work on the next blog post.

We are essentially working on a building site, and a four letter word has been creeping into every part of the theatre… dust – it is getting everywhere. Once the building work finishes there is going to be a massive cleaning job on for everyone ready for the theatre to reopen.

Our Heritage Project Manager Katie brought out photo from the archives this week for us to do a comparison. The 1986 photo shows a digger in what is now under the stage digging out the orchestra pit. This week’s photo shows the stripped out auditorium and large pit floor being taken apart – what a difference 32 years makes.



There are lots of companies involved in the main refurbishment project, and we would like to thank them all for their support in the build.







We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.



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