The Queens of SIX are Divorced, Beheaded, LIVE!

Who would have thought that a musical about the ex-wives of Henry VIII would be such a great idea? Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss have bought these iconic historical figures to life in this brand new production.

On Tuesday, we visited the quaint Arts Theatre in London to take part in the second SIX Sing-A-Long, a unique version of this production, created specifically for London. Fans flocked, dressed as their favourite Queen ready to sing along to the extremely catchy soundtrack that has shot to the top of the soundtrack charts.

SIX tells the tale of Henry’s ex-wives coming together to create an epic girl group. We’d recommend you think along the lines of Little Mix – but from 500 years ago! Each individual wife performs a unique song based on their experiences with Henry and we can guarantee you’ll want to put them on repeat.

The show is full of energy and the urge to dance will naturally take over! This is a feel good show full of fun, jokes and songs that will remain stuck in your mind for weeks to come. Proving that history doesn’t have to be all about the books, these infamous figures from years past are bought to life in a new light.

Catherine of Aragon, played by Jarneia Richard-Noel, kicks off the show with the catchy “No Way”. The rest of the cast consisted of Anne Boleyn, played by Millie O’Connell, Jane Seymour, played by Natalie Paris, Anna Of Cleves, played by Alexia McIntosh, Katherine Howard, played by Grace Mouat and finally Catherine Parr, played by Courtney Stapleton.

SIX boasts stunning costumes, with each of the queens receiving their own unique piece that really adds to their overall personality. The staging benefited from having the band on stage, who are as important as the six queens!

SIX: The Musical is not one to be missed, with a running time of just 75 minutes it’s a bite size portion of historical sass and fun. The production had already created herstory and will no doubt continue to break records.

SIX: The Musical heads on tour next year, landing at Mayflower Theatre in July. Casting for the touring show is yet to be announced. Book tickets to SIX here and join the Queendom! 



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