Spotlight On Our SYP Musical Director

Will Pickering plays the keyboard
Les Miserables sheet music

Will Pickering, the Musical Director for our Summer Youth Production of Les Misérables School Edition tells us about his role in the project:

"Work on the musical aspects of Les Misérables School Edition has been going on for close to a year. The work of the Musical Director is to ensure the music compliments the Director's vision for the characters and plot of the piece. In a musical like Les Misérables School Edition that is completely sung-through there is a lot of musical material to understand! It all starts with the score that has the lyrics the characters' are singing alongside the music that the orchestra will be playing. From this the Musical Director can decide how best to direct the vocalists and the orchestra. 

Each character has their own intricacies that are alluded to in their lines, if they have one line or many. For instance, the individual Convicts' lines in the opening number display subtly different personalities and it’s important that these come across. The Musical Director must ensure all the vocalists understand what they’re singing and display this in their characterisation and vocalisation of their parts. The Musical Director is also the link between the cast and orchestra and so must prepare how they are going to lead the instrumentalists. The orchestra often have far less rehearsal time than the cast, so it is important that the Musical Director lead them well!

It is a thoroughly rewarding task and, although the preparation time is long, the production that is performed is a fantastic experience for audience and performer alike!"

Les Misérables School Edition is being performed at the Dobson Theatre in King Edward VI School from 10-12 August. 

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