Rock of Ages - Our Review

Last week one of our team traveled to see Rock Of Ages, which comes to Mayflower Theatre from 16-20 July 2019. Here are our thoughts: 

Classic rock tunes, a cheesy love story and ridiculously good fun is something that we should all look for in a musical – Rock Of Ages does not disappoint!

The flamboyant and instantly loveable Lonny introduces you to the story, set in “the mid 1980’s… ish”, taking you on a journey set against the LA Sunset strip, with enough innuendo and Rock N Roll to excite anybody.

Providing hilarious commentary and breaking the fourth wall throughout the show, he proves that theatre can both include the characters in the world of the story and the audience from a modern-day auditorium! We won’t give too much away, but prepare to dive in and get involved.

Our love story features the naïve Sherrie who arrives in LA with her mind set on becoming a star, meeting wannabe rock star Drew and becoming instantly swept up in the world that the Bourbon Room creates throughout its surroundings, its music and its outrageous customers!

Meanwhile, German property developers threaten the existence of the strip, leaving the owner of The Bourbon Room to take a chance on the infamous Stacee Jaxx in an attempt to save his beloved bar.

The show isn’t scared to poke fun at its film counterpart – providing a moment of modern day links through comedy and some cheeky rudeness.

Over 20 rock and roll smash hits fill your ears as the story flows, featuring famous tracks “Don’t Stop Believin”, “I Want To Know What Love Is”, “We Built This City” and many more, the time will fly by as you become engrossed in what is a perfected stage masterpiece.

Rock Of Ages has proven that a show that is full of cheeky themes, rude jokes and some risqué dance moves can also give you a more than satisfactory story. You’ll find yourself leaving feeling energised, excited and wanting more from this jampacked show.

If you’ve seen the show again, come and check out this brand new touring version. You won’t want to miss it..

*Interview with Zoe Birkett who plays Justice and Kevin Kennedy who plays Dennis is coming up on our social channels very soon, so keep an eye out!



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