It's not just the auditorium... Weeks 4 & 5

On top of a super new look auditorium, work is being carried out in the Front of House areas...

The carpets have largely been peeled away, meaning all the corridors now echo like a cavern! Whilst a lot of the floor is obscured by the remnants of years of old carpets some segments of the old chequered tiled floors have been exposed – a rarely seen bit of theatre history. 


The auditorium doors have been stripped back to their original wood which no mean feat. But this will mean that, once they’ve been recovered they’ll look a lot closer to their original look than they have been for many years.


Ovation Restaurant has been painted and decorations are being added – how do you like the new red paint scheme?


… And last but not least: SNEAK PEAK! Our Balcony seats have returned to us! They’ve just arrived today and will be installed and covered whilst the rest of the work continues - here are the side frames:




We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.



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