Priscilla Queen Of The Desert - Our Review

Glitter, sparkles and enough cheesy pop tunes to get anybody up and dancing, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert definitely knows how to get a party going!

We visited the New Theatre Wimbledon on Thursday 10th October and it did not disappoint. It is unashamedly camp – but this is what makes this production so enjoyable. Following the story of the iconic 1994 film, Mitzi Mitosis, played by Joe McFadden, heads off on a journey through the Australian outback with fellow drag queen Felicia Jollygoodfellow (Nick Hayes) and transgender woman, Bernadette Bassenger (Miles Western).

The trio embark on a journey in an old metal bus, which is created using some clever set changes! Making their way across Australia, they encounter village folk who are less than welcoming before arriving at their final destination of Alice Springs to perform.

This is a production that touches on some hard topics, some that are still as important and as relevant today. It isn’t shy and features some scenes that are sometimes upsetting, though important to see and to understand. This is a show all about acceptance and being given the freedom to be your true self.

Besides its hard hitting messages, Priscilla is full of incredible costumes, high rate dance numbers and plenty of pop hits including a Kylie Minogue mega mix. You cannot help getting sucked into this world that is created around you. Songs include It’s Raining Men, I Will Survive, Venus and Finally, all of which are full of spectacular dancing!

If you’re looking for a show that allows you to forget about everything outside of the auditorium for just a couple of hours, this is it. It is an absolute crowd-pleaser and you’ll leave feeling elated and full of joy!

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert arrives in Southampton in January.



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