Our Review: Once The Musical

Our Marketing Officer visited Once The Musical and loved it! Don't just take our word for it, read their review below: 

Once is already subtlety starting as the audience enters the auditorium with cast members gradually appearing on the stage and starting to play various instruments and singing and dancing to Irish folk music, you feel you are in a pub with them and this is all happening around you.

The story is about an Irish guy and a Czech girl who meet in a Dublin street where he’s busking, and she gets him to repair her broken Hoover (his day job is repairing them).  The two leads Daniel Healy and Emma Lucia are perfect as Guy and Girl.  The main set is the Irish pub and when the action moves to other spaces this is suggested by small bits of furniture and there is a truly beautiful scene where the lights of Dublin in the distance are portrayed by a carpet of magical twinkling lights.

The music surprised me, it wasn’t all Irish Folk and tin whistles, it has a more contemporary feel than I was expecting and played live by the amazingly talented cast of actor musicians. 

This is a show that draws you in gradually on an emotional level, it’s very much a gentle poignant love story but is also very upbeat and funny. The relationship between all the main characters is heart-warming and you will leave feeling very uplifted.  




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