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With grey skies above and the manic rush of London streets in the run up to Christmas, we were lucky enough to be invited in from the depressing world of above to witness a snippet of beauty at the rehearsals for Once The Musical.                                                                         

To experience Once The Musical is to see it, the story is of two lost souls, a Dublin street busker and a Czech musician who unexpectedly fall in love. The story takes place across five days where big changes happen to them in little ways. This description doesn't do justice to the emotional engagement you will get from seeing this new production which is actor-musician led.

When the auditorium opened, we entered to see a stage full of musicians playing as though we were coming off a Dublin street into a bar – we were part of the story straight away. Foot stomping tunes set the mood for the story to begin.

The set is of an unnamed bar in Dublin where we see the “Guy” played by Daniel Healy - a busker fall out of love with music. He then meets the “Girl” played by Emma Lucia and their story unfolds from here. We saw 15 minutes of the first act including the two singing the most well-known song Falling Slowly, a beautiful ballad that touches your heart.

The stage is filled with actors who also play musical instruments, they are on stage throughout and are part of the story as characters, and also form part of the story. Whilst onstage, they focus on our central couple, drawing your eyes into this intimate story.

Even if you were sat at the back of the auditorium you would be able to hear a pin drop at times, as you will zone into the action in the stage. We had a glimpse into the world of the show, it was funny, engaging, emotional and quite simply a show you should see.

I for one will be booking up to see this with my partner to have a shared experience with them, and who knows if Once will be enough to see this musical.

Once the Musical comes to Mayflower Theatre from 18-23 May 2020

Tickets are on sale now.



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