Meet Skiff the Bear

Skiff the Bear

Skiff the Bear is a mascot for Mayflower Engage. Read our exclusive interview below to get to know Skiff better.

  1. Introduce yourself: Hello! My name is Skiff the bear!

  2. Tell us about your job and how you help Mayflower Engage: Great question! Well, I look after the Mayflower Mini Memberships and I attend the After School Clubs too.

  3. How long have you been Mayflower Engage’s mascot? About four years now, I’m still quite a young bear.

  4. What’s the best part of being involved in Mayflower Engage? Everyone is so friendly and I get to join in with so many fun clubs and workshops.

  5. Favourite show you’ve seen at Mayflower Theatre and why? My favourite show I have seen was Hairspray as I love to get up on my paws and boogie!

  6. Best lockdown tip? Make sure to join in with Mayflower Engage Online games – I have become quite good at the puzzles!

  7. Are you more an Actor, Singer, Dancer, Triple Threat, Musician, Techie, or none of the above? I am a bear of many talents so I would give all of those roles a go!

  8. Favourite place in Southampton, other than Mayflower Theatre? My favourite place in Southampton is Watts Park. On sunny days, I pack a teddy bears picnic and listen to the birds!

  9. Best Mayflower Engage project you’ve been involved in? The best project I am involved in are the After School Clubs as I have made lots of friends in Southampton.

  10. If you could be in any show, which show would you be in? If I could be in any show it would definitely be The Nutcracker - as the big, fuzzy bear of course!

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