Today we unveiled our highly anticipated new colour scheme which will be in place following a £3.95 million refurbishment of the our auditorium in 2018.  The new red and gold scheme is a tribute to the glamourous 1920s heritage of our Grade II Listed building.  

Our last major auditorium refurbishment was over 30 years ago, when the building was painted its current colour-scheme of turquoise, ocean blue and salmon pink.   

Michael Ockwell Mayflower Theatre Chief Executive, said, "Since we announced our Mayflower 90 Auditorium project in April, the one question I keep getting asked is about the colour scheme. We spent a long time working with paint analysis experts to rediscover what colour schemes have been used over our 89 year history. In conjunction with this we have looked at comparable theatres from across the UK built around the same time as ours.

The paint samples taken from our walls revealed several different colour schemes over the years including grey, cream, yellow and even a vivid pink scheme in the 1970s.

We decided on a Red and Gold scheme as it celebrates the tradition and heritage of our building, while also meeting the practical needs of a modern theatre.  We sincerely hope that the community embraces this exciting new colour scheme and shares our vision to protect and enhance the legacy of the theatre.”     

Artists impression photo credit Foster Wilson Architects

We will begin testing samples of paint before Christmas, Michael added, “It’s not a case of popping down to the local DIY store for some sample pots of paint, we have to do this large scale – roughly a 20ft section of wall in the balcony will be painted, and then we have to shine our new lights on this area to see the final effect”.

We will close from 10 June to late September 2018 for the refurbishment, which will also include new seating, as well as other major improvements to the levels of comfort, accessibility and efficiency at the theatre. 

So far we have secured £2.6 million towards the £3.95 million auditorium refurbishment.  This is thanks to audience donations, as well as significant gifts from the Garfield Weston Foundation and Backstage Trust.  As a charitable trust which receives no direct public subsidy we are seeking public help to raise the remaining £1.35 million needed.   



We will be undertaking a refurbishment of our Grade II listed auditorium in summer 2018. Please consider a donation to our auditorium appeal. Your help is essential in securing our future.



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