Joe Gill does the Full Monty for the first time!

It's Thursday, and the cast of The Full Monty are rehearsing in London, with just one week to go before they head on the road. Our Press Officer Charlotte caught up with Joe Gill who plays Lomper about what he expects from his first theatre job and life on the road. 

This is one of my first major theatre jobs, so I am quite inexperienced at the whole touring theatre thing. So I’ve never ever performed in Southampton, but I have been told that it’s huge and it’s beautiful. I’ve been told we really need to push our voices for that venue. I can’t wait, it will be a challenge but a good challenge. It is one of the theatres I am looking forward to performing at the most, just to see the spectacle. Its every actors dream to perform in front of that many people as scary as it may be.

What are looking forward to most about touring?

It is interesting, I am really looking forward to seeing what the different theatres are like. It will be an experience to go from place to place. You know I'm looking forward to finding out whether a Tuesday night in Cambridge is the same as a Saturday night in Glasgow. I am also looking forward to seeing places around the country that I have never seen before. I think if you perform so many time it gives you a freedom to change bits slightly, there might be points where it is slightly different. Even though you are doing the same thing every night I don’t think any performance will be exactly the same. Anything can happen on stage and even the audience could throw a curveball.

For people who haven’t seen the play can you tell us about your character and the play as a whole?

My character Lomper is actually introduced to the story in quite an interesting way. The script is a fantastically written comedy script, but my character is introduced on the verge – I mean I wouldn’t even say on the verge – of suicide, he attempts to take his own life on stage. The journey that he goes on to meeting friends he never had before, to then later on in the script taking his clothes off in front of thousands of people. It’s an interesting journey to go on emotionally, the biggest journey a character can go on. When I had my audition for it, I ended up reading the whole script. It is gag after gag and laugh after laugh. And it is the funniest play I’ve read, the whole cast are hilarious they are so on it. Especially Kai, Lewis, Gary and Andy Dunn who have played their characters before, they know them so well, it’s so interesting to see the individual characters personalities all come together when we are all on stage. It is absolutely hilarious.

It is slightly intimidating coming into a play where some of the actors have already played their parts before?

I suppose it is to an extent but the great thing is that everyone is absolutely lovely and they’ve really helped me. Being one of my first theatre jobs, things are different on stage you need to use your voice and expressions more than you would on TV. I’ve actually just been watching and learning from the rest of the guys and picking up tips from them. They are on hand to help with everything. Also the dances too, they’ve been doing the routines for years and then I come in with two left feet but they’ve been fantastic with me. We are new found best friends.

Is the finale nerve-wracking, especially as it is your first theatre show?

Yeah I mean I would be lying if I said it wasn’t nerve wracking. But the thing is, honestly, we are doing it later on today with just the lads, no lighting just our costumes in the rehearsal room and in a weird way I think that will be more nerve wracking. I mean my adrenaline will be so high by the actual performances I kind of almost won’t be in my own body. At that point there is no turning back, you’ve just got to do it. I always get nervous before doing something and then when I do it I’m like “ah that wasn’t so bad” We shall see on the first night, wait and see.

Have you ever had an embarrassing or memorable audition?

Any embarrassing auditions? You know what I have and every actor will tell you this but advert auditions are atrocious. I remember doing an advert for a football computer game I had to go and make up three celebrations like I’d won at Wembley. I was sliding on my knees, kissing the badges, I even think I took my shirt off at one point. Maybe I was foreshadowing, this job, maybe its my calling. Maybe my calling is to take my clothes off, I was just a number on a sticker but as an actor you just have to go for it. It’s the nature of the beast really.

Final question, if you had to sum the show up in three words, what would you pick?

“Such a laugh”

“It has heart”

“Please come watch”

I honestly think we will get a certain audience who are there for a good time and they will rightly so but I think there is a lot, particular the male audience will be oh I’m not going to go and watch that. The stripping is only 30 seconds of the show at the end. The play is so good and has so much heart that if they come and take a chance, they will go and be blooming glad they went to see it. I don’t want to be touring something too deep and dark, I think I am doing 240 shows in 10 months, so it’s got to be fun if you are doing that so many times and hopefully the audience will notice that. 

Joe and the rest of the cast will be performing at Mayflower Theatre from 11- 16 February 2019. Book your tickets here: 



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