Inside Birmingham Royal Ballet's Dreams Rehearsals

Students of all ages will take to the Mayflower Theatre main stage for a performance of Swan Lake Dreams on Sunday 2nd of Feb. In a fully staged production, danced on the set of Birmingham Royal Ballet's Swan Lake, these talented amateur dancers will share the stage with some of the Company's world-class dancers who take on the leading roles of Odette / Odile, Siegfried and Von Rothbart. One of our younger dancers shares what a few days in a ballet rehearsal is like: 

Wednesday 25/11/2019

Rehearsal time: 4.30-6.30pm

Today we worked on acts 1 and 2, I was in act 2. The act 1 was the Waltz scene and the Court scene, they were very good. I liked watching the older cast performing, they really inspire me. Rachel, Rosie, Jenny and Jazz are from the Birmingham Royal Ballet, they teach us and are very kind and helpful. I learn a lot from them!

Sunday 8/12/2019

Rehearsal time: 10-5pm (intensive day)

Today we worked on all acts. In the morning we did act 1 and 4 and in the afternoon we moved rooms to do the run through of the whole show, so we did acts 1,2,3 and 4. I liked it when Rachel was complimenting me when I was improving and pointing my toes, also when I was using my eyeline and running beautifully. We also did some centre work and corner work. I also liked colouring my arts award. I will be really looking forward to my next rehearsal on Wednesday the 11/12/2019.

Wednesday 11/12/2019

Rehearsal time: 4.15-7.15pm

Tonight we ran through acts 1,2,3 and 4. I watched acts 1 and 3 but I was in acts 2 and 4. Tonight it was just Jazz and Rosie. The warm up was so fun and energetic and Jazz showed lots of enthusiasm when teaching it! Rosie taught the centre and corner work.

I really enjoyed the part in act 4 when the music changed to 'the storm,' the dance changes from slow to faster. This encourages us to tell the story when the music changes. Our rehearsals have finished now before Christmas! I'm looking forward to being back in the New Year when we will be counting down to Show day!! I'm so excited to be performing with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.



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